Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's Your Name??

So – we all love our beloved pets.  RIGHT?   

From Bentley 

to Caesar 

to Oreo.

Those warm wide eyes staring into your heart…. that look just makes your inside melt.  A friend for life, often the best kind. 

When developing our new place in Doylestown, I thought it would be nice to have our very own mascot, symbol… pet maybe?  So, I started to search for what kind of pet we should have.  What else for Casa Toro – “House of the Bull” – yes, our very own bull.  We discovered a place in Southampton, NY that was such a museum of people, animals and fun stuff that we decided to go on a road trip to see if we could find our perfect bull.  Off we went on an adventure or maybe a hunt (per se).

It was late September that we ventured to the Hamptons to explore.  Tough job I know.  We had to also spend time at the beach, go to several eateries to do some “market research”, and oh, visit several of the local vineyards to make the most of the trip.  Anyway, aside from the aforementioned tasks (hehe), we ventured to the place we found on the internet that just might have our newest friend and family member.  A place called “Yesterday’s Treasures”. 

This place is amazing!  We enjoyed wandering around inside and out for hours looking at all the various sites.  Seeing just about every celebrity, political figure and animal you could imagine.  

As I turned another corner going into our second hour there, we found him!!!! 

Immediately my heart started pounding.  I wondered could we ever really get him?  He was so big and strong… yet had a sense of class about him.  Maybe it was attitude, but I loved him.  Our eyes met (kind of) and it was love at first sight.  We found our newest pet and decided to put him on the back of the Escalade and drag him back to Bucks county.  We were given so many eyeballs crossing the Verrazano Bridge and through every toll booth from NY to PA.  We laughed and had a blast!  

We just know our new restaurant on the corner of Rte. 313 and Ferry Road will be unique and a fun spot for young and old.  After we open we are going to have a contest to name our newest family member.  Can’t wait for you all to meet our little buddy... and introduce you to our newest location. 

Stay tuned!!!!