Friday, March 24, 2017

We’re Turning the Lights On...

OK – we are getting super excited!  We are only days away until we will open the doors and welcome you all in!

We have started to turn the lights on.  And our lights will surely turn you on! 😎 

With the help of some talented people and creative ideas, we’ve been able to add a certain uniqueness to our new restaurant.  We hope you enjoy some of the special features!

Like – these “Patron Pendants” that are scattered throughout the restaurant:  

These were made after emptying many, many bottles of Patron from our Coopersburg location (a special thank you to our Lehigh County friends), and then crafting the guts to fit securely to form a pendant lamp.  The craziest issue was to find a glass cutter who could cut a whole perfectly in the bottom of the bottle.  Anyone who has every held a Patron Silver bottle knows they are extremely thick.  After calling more than 25 companies we finally could contract with Alderfer Glass Co. who cut more than 25 bottles for us.

Then off to the vineyards in Napa Valley.  We envisioned bull horns lit above the bar.  We were able to contract with an artisan guy in California, the land of fruits and nuts…who came up with this original display:

This one of a kind fixture is 6 feet wide and hangs above our 32-foot bar.  It is made of copper barrel straps and surely gives our motif another special uniqueness.  The fellow who actually did this, Michael Weiss of Wine Country Craftsman on Etsy, thanked us for the opportunity and always offered us his salutation... "Have a  groovy day! Cheers!"

Today we had All Season Tinting come out and tint all our front windows to take some of the harsh glare off those windows.  Nothing like having a cool cocktail in the afternoon with the sun blaring in at you.  My motto... "I always look better in a dimmed light."
Thank you guys! 

We are almost open and can’t wait to open our doors for you.  Counting down the days and unpacking the dishes...

See ya soon Amigos!!!!

Stay tuned for our Grand Opening announcement and Press Release!