Friday, September 15, 2017

We made it everyone!

After a crazy couple of months we’ve finally reached the sweet last days of summer. Its unseasonably chilly today- a sure sign that autumn and its kaleidoscope of colors is just around the corner.


If you’re anything like me you’ll be doing everything in your power to soak up every last sunny ray of summertime. 

Of course, it’s pretty much always summertime at Casa Toro. Or at least its always fiesta time- which is like summer time in that there’s lots of corona, delicious tropical flavors and margaritas of course. 

In an EXCLUSIVE interview, I sat down with Chef Dean to find out his favorite summer dish and how he plans to celebrate the long weekend.

Blog: How’s it going Chef?

Chef Dean: It’s going pretty great. We’ve been busy and have a lot going on but also having a lot of fun. 

Blog: I saw you on TV in May, cooking party dishes for Cinco de Mayo. Do you have groupies now?

Chef Dean: I don’t think cooking on local TV is as glamorous as you’re imagining, but it was a great time and I was grateful for the opportunity. 

Blog: Ok, well if Cinco de Mayo is our unofficial start to summer (we start the party early) and Labor Day is the unofficial end….what do you have to say about Casa Toro Doylestown’s first summer season? 

Chef Dean: It was a whirlwind. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen but also a lot of time meeting some of our amazing customers. It’s been a really welcoming community and everyone has been really nice.
Blog: So what does summer mean to you?

Chef Dean: I have no idea what kind of question that is. 

Blog: You’re obviously unfamiliar with blogging. The whole point is to take some abstract concept and then tie it to a food so you can write about the recipe and post gorgeous pictures.

Chef Dean: Why not just skip taking pictures and eat delicious food?

Blog: Let me try again. Your Jefecito is really popular, can you tell me a little bit about the inspiration for the menu?

Chef Dean: Sure. I knew the dishes that we had to have on our regular menu because they are so popular in Coopersburg and at Mojito in New Hope. However, I wanted to have a menu where I could be really creative and put out dishes that are great to share, something you don’t see every day, and great with a beer at the bar. 

Blog: What’s your favorite dish on the Jefecito Menu?
$6 is a great deal! And only $5 at Happy Hour!
Chef Dean: I honestly couldn’t choose. They’re all great. 

Blog: I literally just told you I’m trying to tie this to a specific food.  Which dish would you say has the best summer flavors?

Chef Dean: Which food would I make for a cook out? 

Blog: Sure.

Chef Dean: Definitely the Jefe Tacos. Everyone loves them and they’re so colorful. We use orange and pineapple juice to marinate the pork. Then it cooks down for a while with our special blend of spices. We serve them with our house pickled onions, and some jalapenos for heat to balance out the sweet. Definitely a favorite. I also love food you can pick up and eat but it’s still satisfying. 

Blog: How do you pickle the onions? Their color is so bright.
Chef Dean: That pink/purple color is actually what you get when you pickle them in vinegar, sugar, oregano and bay leaves. It’s a great pop, especially with the green jalapenos. 

Blog: Do you have any special plans for Labor Day?

Chef Dean: You know what I’m doing. 

Blog: ….

Chef Dean: We’re having a cook out at our grandmother’s house. I’m making Jefe Tacos for everyone and you’re going to bring a horrible dip from Costco.

Blog: Thank you, I’m looking forward to it.

I want to thank Chef Dean for taking the time to sit down with me. And for feeding my taco addiction. He’s a great brother, even if he’s not the best at blog promotions. 

This may be a photo of the actual Jefe Tacos I ate during the interview.
If you haven't tried the Jefecito Menu or the Jefe Tacos stop by during happy hour when they are only $5, 4:30-6:30 at the bar!

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